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We are a relatively young company, but have the benefit of standing on the shoulders of a number of experienced market players, giving us competencies unusual for, and far beyond ordinary start-ups: access to all R&D facilities required for drug development, marketing and sales; deep knowledge of life sciences; and a rapidly expanding distribution network across Europe.

CLS-Ukraine is a combined contract research – and site management organization (CRO/SMO) with a strong commitment to excellence in performing clinical trials and meeting customer needs. Staffed with seven experts, for five years CLS-Ukraine has had the pleasure of cooperating with a number of high-level scientific institutions and well-established players in the pharmaceutical market. Among them are Ghent University, Merck, Ferring, Orion, Besins and Columbia laboratories. CLS-Ukraine runs clinical trials in a number of East European countries.

Eagle Rock Life Sciences is an independent international life sciences consultancy, offering a broad range of services, including R&D, Regulatory, IP & Legal, Strategy and Business Development, Finance, M&S. A cross-functional team of more than 30 associates meet the issues of the most demanding clients from the pharmaceutical market, such as Sanofi, Gedeon Richter, Dinox, Sanquin and others. We provide support to life sciences enterprises from early start-ups to mature companies and view ourselves as hands-on specialists. 

Aicore is a European pharmaceutical company active in the development, manufacture and distribution of medications, whose efficacy has been established with evidence-based practice. With eight products to offer, the company operates in seven European countries, expanding its portfolio and geography every year.