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With having a collective background of employment by Organon, we share its same refreshing values, corporate culture and vision. In 2018 we decided to join efforts to revive the standards and reputation of one of the world’s market leaders in women’s health.

Each of us contributes in a uniquely different way to Aicore Life Sciences: excellence in clinical trials, years of management and consultancy in a vast range of life science businesses, owned distribution and marketing facilities, and all this with the energy and enthusiasm intrinsic to enterprises making their way in a highly competitive environment.

Aicore Life Sciences, inheriting the vision of Organon, pursues the goal of developing an upgraded portfolio of gynecological products. The emphasis is on cutting-edge generics as well as on original products targeting market niches with moderate competition. Moreover, the company is ready to embody its innovative spirit in designing know-how “beyond the molecule”: better ways of applying medicine, alternative drug dosage forms and other ways of making the use of drugs more convenient and effective. This singles out the product on the shelf and enhances women’s quality of life.

The merge of different competences and innovative zeal feeds our ambition to grow into a distinguished player in its segment within the next five years.